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More than 170 new TalentPoints

2015. June 29.

The network of the so called TalentPoints covers almost the whole Carpathian Basin. There are already more than 1400 of them help the gifted kids and youngsters in Hungary and in the areas of the neighbouring countries inhabited by ethnic Hungarian.

Every year several new TalentPoints get certifications and become so called Accredited TalentPoint. During the recent procedure 135 new institutions joined the network and 41 points renewed their certifications being expired after 3 years.

The accreditation procedure can be on-line or based on personal visits according to the local demand. There are a few institution that prefer personal interactions instead of the electronic process while the latter can save a lot of time and energy. During the procedure the organizations have to review their talent support activities, have to define their capabilities of giving information, what activities make them unique or special. The experts want proof of the talent support activities done by the organization.

In the renewal process the TalentPoints may decide whether they want the experts to visit them or use their on-line information for the certification. Anyway life will show the authenticity of the uploaded information. Usually the good professional relationship between the visiting experts and the TalentPoints lasts long resulting in fruitful and mutually advantageous cooperation.

There are annually some 120 TalentPoints registered and certified in the Carpathian Basin with some 30 per cent of them beyond the borders of Hungary. The primary aim is not an increasing number of the TalentPoints but the more effective work of the existing ones. The fact is that the most important factor is a teacher with a strong professional calling who is able to collect similar colleagues and can organize the work related to talent support.

The first step is the registration that can be done on the website where a form is to be filled in on the professional and staffing background and the general and special programmes of the institution. Also the age-range and the domains of talents aimed have to be defined. The registered organizations will be entitled to use the TalentPoint logo and will have advantage at certain calls or applications.

To be accredited a few basic requirements must be met. The most important that a teacher has to complete a 30 hour training on talent support and the organization have at least one talent development programme of its own. In the network the TalentPoints may use several services: they receive information on the calls, they may participate in several forms of adult education and training and certified teacher training programmes, and may receive the several professional publications. Also there are e-learning curricula available for them.

After at least one year of successful operation the registered TalentPoints may become accredited or TalentPoints or accredited outstanding TalentPoints. To be outstanding they have to show overachievement on the requirements. In the accreditation procedure the recent three years’ activities are being considered that is enough time to develop a talent support programme. The accreditation process makes it possible for the TalentPoints to understand the values of their own activities and the possibilities for cooperation with other members of the network.

The National TalentPoint fosters and stimulates that cooperation moreover beyond the professional background it offers some financial support to the TalentPoints. The calls also stimulate the cooperation, e.g. the knowledge transfer project was one of the most successful actions helping to spread good practices beyond the limits of the regions. Also the National TalentPoint is responsible for the registration and accreditation procedures. The necessary financial background is provided by the National Talent Programme.