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Genius Loci Awards ceremony

2015. May 5.

Companies and entrepreneurs actively supporting talented young people around Hungary and across the border were presented the Genius Loci Award.

With the award, the Association of Hungarian Talent Support Organizations (MATEHETSZ) recognized the talent-support activities of companies and entrepreneurs. Designed by Zsolt Czakó, the Genius Loci Award was handed over to representatives of the 16 enterprises on 18 April.
As we wrote in a previous article, in Roman mythology genius loci was the protective spirit of a place. In today’s usage it refers to the distinctive atmosphere or spirituality of a noteworthy place. When naming the award, MATEHETSZ sought to emphasize that corporations supporting talented kids, maintaining good relationships with the TalentPoints of the area have a positive effect on the talent-friendly atmosphere of the settlements in which they are based.
In his speech, Péter Bajor, President of MATEHETSZ, emphasized that talent support is the concern of the whole of society, not only of the educational system, of which the awarded companies and persons were well aware. Investment into talent support is a profitable and beneficial activity for the whole society.
Csaba Reményi, General Manager of Oracle Hungary, member of the award committee, said that the increase in the number of talents in the industry is definitely beneficial to all of us. Learning how others do it at the highest level is highly motivating and exemplary. In the interdisciplinary world, the presence of different points of view results in new values and makes the access between different areas more readily available. The more companies take part in talent development the better: we can learn from each other. That makes the initiative of the Genius Loci Award an outstanding platform for cooperation. The way to the future is “coopetition”, that is, cooperative competition.
The awarded companies include small local firms as well as the local offices of multinational giants such as IBM, General Electric, National Instruments and Hungarian energy company MOL. The common denominator is that they feel responsibility for talent support, as the time, money and energy invested in gifted youths affords multiple yields.