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Genius Loci Award

2015. March 3.

MATEHETSZ established a new award to recognize the achievements of the corporations and enterprises reached in the area of talent support. The Genius Loci Award will be given to 20 enterprises annually. 

The Association of Hungarian Talent Support Organizations (MATEHETSZ) established a new award to recognize the achievements of the corporations and enterprises reached in the area of talent support. Finding and keeping a gifted and creative workforce, and their high-level training is an essential precondition for corporate competitiveness. Representatives of the business life know that talented entrants are the products of education, development and purposeful talent support. There are plenty of companies and small enterprises that recognize and promote talent support activities and cooperate with respective organizations.

MATEHETSZ founded the Genius Loci Award with a view to calling attention to the initiatives and best practices of corporations contributing to the work of the TalentPoints and Talent Support Councils in their vicinity, who provide an attractive social environment for gifted youngsters.

In Roman mythology genius loci, the spirit of the place, was the protective spirit of a place. In today’s usage it refers to the distinctive atmosphere or spirituality of a noteworthy place. When naming the award, MATEHETSZ sought to emphasize that corporations supporting talented kids, maintaining good relationships with the TalentPoints of the area have a positive effect on the talent-friendly atmosphere of the settlements they are based in.

TalentPoints, regional Talent Support Councils and the Hungarian Talent Support Council and their members may submit nominations.

The nominations will be selected by a committee composed of stakeholders from several sectors. Talent Ambassadors, members of the Board of the Hungarian Talent Support Council and businessmen committed to the idea of talent support also may be invited to the evaluation body.

The awards will be issued annually in three categories for a maximum of 20 talent support initiatives. Award-winning companies may use the Genius Loci logo in their publications and websites. The awards will be handed over at a gala dinner.

The Genius Loci Award – Corporations and Entrepreneurs for the Talents is intended to foster public awareness of the good examples of inter-sectoral cooperation. The Award increases the reputation of the winning companies and contributes to their positive image. The gala dinner offers a networking possibility for both the award-winning companies and the organizations nominating them, and the award can be used in the companies’ PR activities. The logo of the Award can be used in PR materials and it could increase the attractiveness of the company at career expos and other HR events. MATEHETSZ will organize the nationwide communication of the Award.  

Nominations are possible in three categories

  • national programme (3 awards annually),
  • regional programme (5 awards annually),
  • local programme (12 awards annually).

In all categories corporate cooperation programmes, fellowships, Pro Bono services, CSR programmes, donations can be nominated that cover the whole country, a region or the city or settlement of the company or the entrepreneur, respectively.